After signed up for your own webstore, you may confused what should you sell. Don’t worry, we have a list of hot selling products for you to you sell in your webstore with just a few clicks.


Step 1 – Login your Store Control Panel

Login to your control panel, you will be redirected to the dashboard page:

Step 2 – Go to Dropship Catalogue

Select Products on the left panel, then click on Dropship Catalogue.

You will go to the Dropship Catalogue like as shown following. In here, you can browse and choose dropshipping products that you want to sell by categories on the left or just simply check on all products by scrolling down.

Step 3 – Add dropshipping products to your webstore

Before you add the dropshipping products to your webstore, you might want to check on the product details and description. To do this, you can first click on the product.

Then you can view the product details like this.

Step 4 – Add products and start selling!
Simply click on “Add to Store” to add the dropshipping products to your webstore.

You will receive the pop-up confirmation message, click on “Add”.

When the product is successfully added to your webstore, you will receive the product added confirmation message.