Meaningful Product Name
Don’t give all of your products the same name only to explain what they are in the product description. If you do this, all of the links and all of the text on your site will look alike, and the search engines won’t be able to distinguish anything.Give your product a meaningful name rather than just a meaningless code.
Avoid Manufacturer Product Descriptions:
It is captivating to just copy and paste from the manufacturer’s website, but resist the urge. At the very least, re-write the description in some way to make it interesting and unique.
Utilized SEO Keyword Feature
System default url contains program script,IDs which are meaningless and unreadable.
Insert short & meaningful SEO Keyword as the page url will help in the SEO.
Unique Title Tags
While it’s debatable whether the company name belongs in the beginning of the title tag, most agree you should not include extra keywords that are repeated in every tag. For example, if you company name was “ABC”, include only the company name in title tag, not “ABC Website Solution” Use as little duplicate content as possible in order to prevent diluting the value of the rest of the text in the title tag.
Unique Keyword Meta Tags
Meta tags, including keywords and description, should be entirely unique on every product page. Though meta content likely doesn’t directly affect your ranking, unique tags will prevent duplicate content penalties. In addition, don’t stuff keywords into your meta tags that aren’t relevant to the specific page they are on.
Unique Description Meta Tags
User are advised to put the same product description that appears on the product page in meta description tag. This will ensure unique content on each product page.You can use short description in meta description tag.
Product Reviews
A great strategy for guaranteeing unique content is displaying user generated content from your customers. Allow customers to review products they’ve purchased or comment on one’s they haven’t.
Cultivate Links to Your Site
The more quality sites link to yours, the more relevant your site will look to search engines, which can improve your site’s ranking in search engine results. How can you get other sites to link to yours? Contact businesses related (but not competitive) to your own, and ask for a link exchange. Read and participate in popular forums that match your site’s focus or interests — many will let you include links to a web site in your forum signature. Request that local organizations like your Chamber of Commerce include links to your business on their web sites.
Keep Your Site Fresh Sites
With frequently updated content typically rank higher in search engines. Update your site with recent news about your business, articles or tips related to your products or services, and anything else that will make your site a destination for readers who could become customers. Publish testimonials from your customers or positive reviews of your business in other publications (with links to those reviews). Above all, be sure your content is clear, every word is spelled correctly, and all your links work. The more professional your site appears, the more likely potential customers are to choose your business over your competitors.