Access: Products > Insert/Edit existing Product

Step 1

Under Inventory & Variants box, select Option Type then input Option Name and Option Value according to your product variety.


Please ensure that Option Name and Option Value exclude special symbols such as !@#$%^&*()_+.

Step 2

Click on Generate button.

Step 3

Fill in the quantity of the generated option. You may also remove the unrelated product option from the list by clicking on the delete button at the end of each column.

Image: You can select image of the particular option. The image has to be uploaded first by referring here. When customer select the option from your website, the option image will be shown automatically from the main product image.

Quantity: Number of stock available. If you have generated multiple option values, you have to indicate how many quantity you have for each of the option value. Then, the Main quantity would be the sum of all option quantity.
For example, you have 3 sizes as option values.
2 quantity for S size
3 quantity for M size
5 quantity for L size
Then, your main quantity would be 10.

Subtract Stock: Yes indicates deducting the quantity whenever there is an order while No indicates do not update the quantity. If you use marketplace sync, Subtract Stock must be enabled.

Price: Price adjustment compared to the original price. (i.e. Original Cost RM10 but for size L is RM11, therefore price adjustment should be + 1.00).

Points: Points adjustment compared to the original reward points.

Weight: Weight adjustment compared to the original weight. (i.e. size XXL clothing is heavier than the original weight for 100 gram, therefore weight adjustment should be +0.10)

Sort Order: The arrangement of option in ascending order at the front end.

If you wish to add a new value at this moment, click on “Add New Value button”. A window will pop up, key in relevant option name and value then click “Add New Value button”.


Step 4

Click “Save” button.

Different option style may render in different way:

Radio                             Select

option  option2