Access: Products > Add Products OR Products > Click on product that you want to edit


Offering discount is one of the effective ways to attract customers to your Igniter webstore and increase conversion rate. Some customers might just want to purchase certain products on your Igniter webstore. When there is discount on other products, they will buy them eventually to avoid losing the best offer. Let’s learn how to apply discount to product in your Igniter webstore.


1. Navigate to Products page, add or edit product.

2. Under General, go to section in red square as below:



Price*: Selling Price of the product.

Cost: Cost of the product, this cost is just for record purposes, it wont display in your front end.

Special Price: The special price that you wish to give discount to your customer.

Date Start: Offer starts date.

Date End: Offer ends date, always add another day on your offer date, e.g. if your last offer date is 2019-05-21, you need to put 2019-05-22.


After you done the product settings, click Save  button (at top right) to save the changes,

click Clear Cache  button (at bottom left) to have changes on front,

and click Preview  button (at top right) to check the item on front end of your webstore.