Access: Orders

Every order made either from back end or front end check out will be listed within the area highlighted in red. From this area, you are able to filter the order status by clicking on the status in TAB form: “Pending”, “Payment Received”, “Completed” and “Cancelled” OR use the filter located at the black highlighted area to search for a more specific order using the attributes provided.


Order ID: The order number. (Auto Generated upon making order)

Channel: Store platform that sold the product. (Lelong, Your Store)

Customer: Customer name.

Status: Payment status. (“Pending”, “Payment Received”, “Completed” and “Cancelled”)

Remark: A status to remark the current order.

Total: Final total of the order cost.

Date Added: The date order was made.

Date Modified: The date order had been modified.

Action:[Edit] – View and edit the order, [Send Invoice] – send invoice to customer via email.

You may also update order remark using the drop down select within the area highlighted in blue.