Access: Webstore > Layout Manager > Logo OR Settings > Business Info > Logo

logo is used for identifying your igniter webstore, products and services, that symbolize the trade mark of your store. It will appear on top of every web pages and invoice. The recommended dimension of a logo is not to exceed 350px of the width and 200 px Height.

There are two ways to upload your logo.

Method 1: Navigate to Settings page and choose Business Info.

Method 2: Navigate to Webstore page and choose Layout Manager.

1. Click Edit icon (if access from Webstore > Layout Manager > Logo)

2. Click Browse button.

3. Click Upload button to upload from your local device.

4. After logo image appeared in Image Manager, double click the image to apply it.

5. Click Save button (in Business Info) and Clear Cache.

Congratulations! You have successfully added a logo for your igniter webstore.


If you don’t have your own logo, you can create them free via the following websites:


Firstly, sign up a new account / Log in with Facebook or Google.

Then you can select what you want to create.

Edit whatever you want to put in the red box, e.g. store name, slogan, established year,

then download it by clicking “Download” button.

Logo Factory Web

This website doesn’t not required email subscription.

Select the image you want in “1”, then type your store name or subtitle (optional) in “2”,

and download the logo in “3”.


This website doesn’t not required email subscription.

Enter your store name and the select “Generate Logo Designs”.

Then you can download the selected logo by clicking the “Download” button.