Access: Products > Add Products

It is very easy to create a new products, you just have to enter basic information of the product as below:

  1. Title (Product Name)
  2. SKU/Model
  3. Weight
  4. Price
  5. Product Image
  6. Description
  7. Quantity
  8. Status

However, we will go through each of the functions so that you know more on how to create a product.

After logging in to the control panel of you webstore, go to Products -> Add Product.


Product Details Box

Title*:  The name of the product that will be displayed in front end. Suggest to follow by Brand + Model + Type / Attribute. For Example, Apple Iphone 7 32GB White.

SKU/Model*: The pre-defined identity code of the product which requires mandatory and unique,  it will be displayed in front end.

Tax Class: You can choose what kind of tax you want to apply for this product. For Example: GST 6%.

Price*: Selling Price of the product.

Cost: Cost of the product, this cost is just for record purposes, it wont display in your front end.

Special Price: Optional, this is special price if you wish to give discount to your customer.

Date Start: Offer starts date.

Date End: Offer ends date.


Description*: The Description of the product that will be displayed in the front end, it can be plain text or html format description.

Highlight: The selling point of the product you wish to attract customers. It is mandatory field if you want to sync to Lazada.

What’s in the box: The things customer expects to receive when receive the parcel. It is mandatory field if you want to sync to Lazada.


Inventory & Variants

Track Inventory: Enable Track Inventory to auto deduct inventory when an order is made. Disable to not deduct stock automatically when a product is purchased, especially for a pre-order product.

Quantity: Enter number of available stock in this field to sell.

Enable Variants: Enable this if product contains variants (Color, Size etc). You may refer here for more information.



Requires Shipping: Enable it when product is tangible and require delivery. Disable it if product does not require shipping such as downloadable e-book.

Free Shipping: Enable it when product comes with free shipping.

Weight: Enter Weight of product to calculate shipping fee.

Dimensions: Enter Dimensions of the product- Length x Width x Height in Centimeter (cm).



You can do SEO for the particular product. As long as you have done website SEO, product SEO is an additional thing, if you would like to focus on SEO.  However, if you wish to do product SEO and yet your description is filled with image only, you may write a brief introduction of the product here.

SEO Friendly URL: The product page URL link which will be automatically generated based on product title. Require mandatory and unique.

Page Title: The title of product page will be shown. By default, here is showing product title.

Meta Tag Description: Describe the summary of product page to search engine.


Visibility & Order

Status*: Enable it to launch the product.

Date Available: The date that product is available for selling.

Hide from store front: Enable it when product is not published to sell from your webstore.

Sorting: Optional, arrange sequence of the product in ascending order to be displayed on applied category page.



Categories: You can choose your category of the product or add/edit category here. You can apply more than one category for the product by pressing CTRL + CLICK on the category.

Brand: You can choose only one Brand for your product or add/edit Brand.

Product Labels: You can choose only one product label to apply for this product.

Product Tags: Product tags are used to filter out the product that has the same tag. Function similar like Instagram hashtag.

Filters: Assign Filter to product to be searched easily. You can refer on this page on how to use this filter.


Min Quantity: The minimum quantity customers require to buy before checkout.

Max Quantity: The maximum quantity customers can buy the product.

Pre-Order Item: Select Yes if customers is allowed to purchase first when stock is not available.

Out of Stock Status: Determine what status to display when product is out of stock.

After you done the product settings, click Save  button (at top right) to save the changes, click Clear Cache  button (at bottom left) to have changes on front, and click Preview  button (at top right) to check the item on front end of your webstore.


Learn more on how to upload product image.