Image is very important when it comes to online business. Buyers are not able to touch the items physically, thus image is the only source buyers can rely on. We will guide you how to prepare product images and upload multiple images with few steps.

Product Image Requirement

– 2 to 8 images per product.
– Dimension (width x height) between 600px and 900px.
– Size with below 300KB.
– White background.
– Image name follows the sequence of brand_model_type_color/attribute.
– Image name excludes capital letter, spacing and special symbol except only hyphen(-) and underscroce(_). Example of image name is “this_is_a_good_image_name.jpg” and not “this is not a good image name.jpg”.

Please note that the bigger the image file size uploaded, the more the bandwidth consumed, the slower the speed of loading the page.

Steps of uploading product images

1. Go to Products -> Click on the product -> Images -> Add Images to add all the images that you want to display for the product, including description image.

2. Browse the image from your computer, select multiple images by pressing CTRL and clicking the images, and click Open button to upload image for the selected product.

Multiple images will be loading at the same time and listed successfully.

3. Sort the image sequence by drag and drop the image. First image is always the main product image.

4. Add images into product description by clicking [Add], if you wish to display in the product description.

Then, you will find your images are now showing on product description.

Additional Information:
There are Display in Description and Add into Description. Display in Description will list the original size of the image on website, but it is not added into product description. It is recommended to use Add into Description as the image path will be added into description which are able to sync to marketplaces. At the same time, the added image will be auto enlarged to fit into the screen. You can also adjust the content when it combined text and image, or even arrange the position of the added images in the description easily.


5. Tick Hide Image option if you do not wish to show the image from Store Front.

6. Click Save button and Clear Cache button (on top), click Preview button to see the changes.

You will see the main product image, one thumbnail (which 3 images are being hidden) and description images.

7. Delete the image if the image is no longer in use. Once you clicked Delete button, the image will not be found from our database and release some storage.