Image Manager is used to store all of the images from your website. Usually you will use Image Manager when you want to upload big image file size for displaying Slide Show or Banner purpose.

If you want to upload product image, please refer here.

Image Managing

Go to Webstore/ Products -> Image Manager, you will see all your image files and folders that stored from cloud server.

If you want to go into the folder, right click the folder, select Action and View.

The image details will be listed automatically.

You can get the image path, view the file size, or delete the images. At the same time, if you want to upload image into that folder that you are already in, you can click Add files button, select multiple files from your computer, click Start upload button to upload into server. If you changed your mind during uploading, you can click Cancel upload button, and it will stop uploading.

Please note that image name should exclude capital letter, spacing and special symbol except only hyphen(-) and underscroce(_). Example of image name is “this_is_a_good_image_name.jpg” and not “this is not a good image name.jpg”.

Folder Managing

If you want to create a new folder, right click “data”, select Action and New Folder, and enter the name.  At the same time, you can rename the folder name by right click the folder, select Action and Rename.

Please note that folder name should also exclude capital letter, spacing and special symbol except only hyphen(-) and underscroce(_).

Additional Information

When you access to Image Manager, some of the image files and folders are already there. We would suggest not to delete any images since it will not contain much of storage. However, you might need to know the important folders and files below that strongly advise not to be deleted.

1. data / image
It is the main folder that stored all the images and folders. Some system images are stored in data folder which recommended to keep it there.


2. all_product_images (best practice is not to touch it at all!)
It is used to store your product images. To upload Product Image, we strongly recommend you to upload directly from Products -> Click the product -> Images -> Add Images, as it will auto generate folder to store images for each of the product.  Please read more about uploading product image.


3. facebook
This is to store Facebook integration image which suggest to leave it there.


4. notification
It is used for storing order receipt or bank slip that your customers uploaded from your website.


5. product_label
It is used for storing product label images at Apps -> Product Labels, as well as to use for displaying product individually at Products -> Click the product -> General -> (Right Column) Grouping -> Product Labels.


6. template
It is used to store all our templates images (slide show and banner) which you can refer or use for your own website.